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The Institute of Journalists Malaysia is the professional organisation of Malaysian journalists, for journalists at all levels, of all media, across all languages.

It will promote and enhance professional standards and ethics; uphold and defend the professional interests of all journalists; uphold and defend freedom of the press and freedom of expression; and endeavour to bring together the Malaysian journalistic fraternity.

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The Institute of Journalists Malaysia is a tax-exempt non-profit organisation incorporated under the Companies Act 1964.

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This prototype web site of the Institute of Journalists Malaysia was started on 4 April 2012 in advance of the foundation meeting. It was refreshed in September 2014 and brought up-to-date on 16 Sept 2014.


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Journos’ protest petition handed to PM’s Office

A petition supported by more than 4,000 people in protest against the violence against journalists on April 28 was handed to the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya this morning (May 15). The petition, Don’t Beat Up Journalists, was handed over by a team comprising reporter Radzi Razak, editor Ms Chen Shaua Fui, photojournalist Wong Kin Onn, photographer P Nathan and videographer Shufiyan Shukor. They were accompanied by petition organiser Gobind Rudra, representing an informal Committee of Concerned Journalists.

The petition makes four demands on the government: a full public apology for the injuries and distress suffered by journalists on April 28; an independent and impartial public inquiry into the violence against journalists; restitution of equipment confiscated, damaged or lost as a result of police action; and adequate compensation.

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Zaid Ibrahim calls for independent media council

KUALA LUMPUR, April 16 — Datuk Zaid Ibrahim accused leaders of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) of being “cowards” for not having an independent media council to regulate the media.

The former de facto law minister cited Umno-controlled media such as TV3 and Utusan Malaysia as the worst offenders of industry standards, with “vile and inaccurate reporting” on opposition politicians.

New law to control press, and a promise to hobble Internet

By uppercaise
Malaysia’s flailing politically-owned newspapers, unable to compete against the freewheeling online press, blogs and unrestrained chatter on social media, have now managed to extract from the government a promise to hobble the online media, instead of expanding the boundaries of press freedom.

At the same time, the government announced it would be introducing a new law to control the press through a Press Coumcil, which it claimed would practise self-regulation.

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